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    What is the difference between a door with Dowelled construction and that of an M&T construction?
    What timber (species) is the door made up of?
    Are the doors solid or engineered construction?
    How much can be cut off an internal or external door?
    What is the thickness of the veneer used on the doors?
    How should I finish the doors?
    What is the U-Value of a specific external door?
    The label on the door states that I cannot use wax, teak oil or varnish…….why not?
    I have broken a piece of glass, can you supply a replacement piece?
    The glazing bars on my doors are out of line, not square, what can I do?
    What is the thickness of glass?
    Can you give out glass sizes?
    Can you tell what the fire rating is for my door?
    Can the internal Oak door pair lining set be used on any other size of doors?
    What is the thickness of your Door Lining Sets?
    How long does delivery take?
    What is the difference between pre-finished and unfinished doors?
    Can I use my existing ironmongery?
    What is Paint 'N' Peel?
    Are your products guaranteed?
    Is the glass in the door toughened for safety?
    Can I rebate your doors?
    What is the thickness of your pair makers?
    How accurate are your delivery time scales?
    How consistent is the grain in doors?